You will work as a Consultant Franchisee


The franchisee consultant will hold a business meeting, called "Digital Café NWMídia", every 15 days;
The franchisee consultant will meet entrepreneurs from small and medium businesses in their region / city;
The franchisee consultant will implement all the strategies and tactics for the increase in business volumes;
The franchisee consultant will monitor the monthly development of the customer's results;
The franchisee consultant will administer training and lectures on marketing & digital sales.

Franchisee profile:

The applicant must have a LinkedIn profile;
Be willing to work 100% in business, more than 08 hours a day and during holidays and weekends;
Resilient and determined.

Candidate's knowledge:

  • Marketing mix
  • Digital Marketing
  • People Management
  • Public Relations;
  • Business Management

Consultant franchisee operation:

  • Commercial
  • Strategic.

Physical dependence:

  • Co-working (virtual office)


  • R$40.000,00 Franchise fee;
  • R$20.000,00 working capital;
  • R$10.000,00 for equipment and systems;
  • R$200,00 Advertising rate;
  • R$500,00 fixed royalties;


  • 24 months.


  • 05 years.



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